Middle Full Stack (Java/Angular) Engineer

Project description:

A technology-based, single platform that streamlines workflow and facilitates real-time alignment in precision medicine to quickly give patients the best options for care when time matters most. ongoing work designing and curating a knowledge base of all genes targeted agents and published evidence helps oncologists identify upfront precisely what should be tested and for which patients. Trapelo allows oncologists to order such tests from their preferred labs and then synthesizes the results into standardized, actionable reports. Treatment options are ranked according to levels of evidence, empowering oncologists to make faster, more informed choices with confidence.
Trapelo's independent validation of appropriate use of molecular testing and targeted treatment selection can be made available to participating payors automatically, obviating the need for traditional prior authorization for labs and providers.


- Good knowledge of Javascript/Typescript
- Good knowledge of HTML/CSS/SCSS
- Good knowledge of AngularJS 1.6/Angular 7
- Familiarity with RxJS, Jasmine/Karma, Bower
- Familiarity with Yarn, Gulp, Npm, NodeJs
- Good knowledge of Java and Kotlin
- Good knowledge of Spring 4 and 5, Spring-Boot 2, Spring-Cloud, Spring WebFlux, Hibernate 5, LiquidBase, Swagger, QuesryDsl, Joog, OpenSaml, Apache Fop
- Experience with PostgeSQL, MySQL 5.7.20, MongoDB
- Tools: Maven, Gradle, Tomcat 8.5.24
- Experience with Cloud infrastracture (AWS): EC2, CodeDeploy, S3


- Experience with Jenkins (CI), BitBucket (Git), Zephyr (Jira plugin for Manual QA), Slack, Jira, Confluence, Zoom

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