Java Tech Lead

Nominex is a motivated and ambitious crypto exchange that operates in compliance with the EU jurisdiction. We proudly apply the scientific method in every single aspect of our journey. We value hard work, ambition, cultural curiosity. Each trader will enjoy trading on Nominex due to low fees and comprehensible interface. Nominex team listens to its customers and provide multi-level referral programs, feedback bounties and shares revenue with the community.

Job Description:

  • Organize work process of a department, tasks planning, responsibility for results;
  • Development and review of important system components;
  • Consultation of teammates and colleagues from other departments in IT development process;
  • Work directly with Project managers (Product Owners) on daily basis;
  • Join conversations and workshops, be involved in IT life of our company;
  • Work with custom-made solutions, be ready to explore and suggest new ideas.

Nominex provides an unforgettable experience in startup and opportunity to grow in the perspective industry with the team of professionals.

General Requirements:

  • Global understanding how web IT works;
  • 6+ years in IT development experience;
  • 3+ years of CTO/Tech Lead experience;
  • Backend Java SE/ Spring framework, WebServices, Hibernate, Maven, Git;

  • Restful API;

  • DB (PostgreSQL, MySQL);

  • Linux;

  • Experience in organizing the development process using elements of Agile.

Optional Requirements:

  • Experience with NoSQL (Cassandra, Mongodb, Redis);
  • Work with message queues (Kafka is used on the project);
  • Construction of highly loaded fault-tolerant systems using microservice architecture;
  • Grid technologies (Ignite, Hazelcast, GigaSpaces, Coherence);
  • Web technologies (HTML, CSS, AJAX, JavaScript).

Cryptocurrency trading experience and understanding of crypto exchanges will be a huge benefit.

Skills Requirements:

  • Be ready for new challenges;
  • Be honest and responsible;
  • Be creativem initiative and communicable;
  • Be a real IT development leader in dedicated projects.

Benefits of Working at Nominex:

  • An unforgettable experience of growing with young and ambitious exchange;

  • Competitive salary;

  • Opportunity to learn how do exchanges operate from the inside;

  • A team of top professionals.

Контактная информация

Алеся, 7-962-6279397