React Ruby on Rails Developer

We are an 12 year old Oakville based development company looking to grow our team. We are currently seeking 2 Ruby on Rails developers, with React.JS experience. The developer must be strong in both front and backend development.

BrainyYack is a team of software developers developing applications for small to medium size companies since 2006. We have an exciting fast-paced agile environment, if you are looking to grow and are able to roll up your sleeves to meet demanding timelines this is a place for you. A successful candidate will have experience with the following technologies.

2-years (junior) – 5-years+ (senior) years of experience in software development roles
Including 1-year (junior) – 3-years (senior) experience with React.JS

- React (JS)

- Ruby on Rails

- Postgres

- Ruby 2.3.3

- Ruby on Rails 4.2.6

- JavaScript ES6

- React and Redux



- CSS3



- Postgres


- Rspec (for ruby)

- Jest / Enzyme (for Javascript)


- Github

- Unix command line

- Postico, or any other DB administrator to view/edit Postgres database

- PSQL a CLI for postgress

About our culture;

  • Flexible team hours
  • Flexible working location remote
  • We use team collaboration and other video conferencing tools to collaborate remotely alongside many other modern tools
  • We are the sole technology provider for several clients where we have been able to earn their trust and respect
  • Casual, yet professional environment

As a member of our team, you must be able to

  • Proactively collaborate with cross-functional teams to define & design of new Products, features, and functionality (senior role)
  • Full-stack coding, end-to-end delivery, implementation, development testing, defect investigation and resolution
  • Direct interaction with the client
  • Provide effort estimates, planning out weekly sprints while identifying and assisting in mitigating technical, schedule, and other project risks
  • Successful track record of delivering projects, both individually and as a team member (hint: bring them to the interview!)
  • Ruby on Rails v3/4/5
  • Bootstrap
  • MySQL/PostgreSQL and data model design (logical & physical data models)
  • Effective communication skills as you will be in regular contact with the client – a great opportunity to further refine your communication skills
  • Experience consuming third-party libraries, APIs and Web services
  • Proficiency with cross-browser/cross-platform issues.

Контактная информация

Mifsud Janka, 1-905-4651600