DevOps Specialist

Наш партнер, крупнейшая международная IT-компания находится в активном поиске специалиста с релокацией в Европу

Мы готовы рассматривать специалистов разного уровня : Senior, Team Lead, Associate Manager.


Our partner is a part of a global enterprise.

Since it started, its sole focus is to drive technologies beyond what feels possible today.

  • By joining us, you make business contacts with customers from all over the world.
  • You will get once-in-a-lifetime experience working with the most passionate IT geeks.
  • You will learn more every day knowing that the our DevOps community will help you achieve this goal. We share classroom and virtual trainings, certifications and even more.
  • You will be part of the DevOps community and spread the latest DevOps practices and tools on real projects and organizes.
  • You will participate in DevOps Days – the biggest DevOps event in Baltic organized and sponsored by the company.


  • DevOps teams have a high level of responsibility and use a wide range of technologies. As a part of the DevOps culture, you will deliver services such as:
  • Implementing Continuous Integration, Delivery, and Deployment.
  • Evangelizing of the latest DevOps practices.
  • Participating in DevOps transformation projects.
  • Following Infrastructure as Code principles.
  • Automating a range of OS (Ubuntu/RedHat/CentOS/Windows/Solaris).
  • Automating builds and deployments with Maven, Grunt, Gradle, Jenkins, and others.
  • Scripting in Python, Ruby, Shell, Groovy, and JSON.
  • Contributing to and using open source projects like ADOP (
  • Sharing your knowledge with students in DevOps guest lectures.
  • Participating in DevOps meetups.


  • University Degree in IT or related area preferred.
  • A solid foundation from your experience in IT.
  • Experience in some of the following areas: cloud (e.g. AWS, or Azure, or Google Cloud), continuous configuration automation (e.g. Ansible, or Chef, or Puppet), version control (e.g. Git), orchestration (e.g. Jenkins, or TeamCity, or Travis CI), containers (e.g. Docker or OpenShift), infrastructure testing (e.g. Molecule), infrastructure security (e.g. OWASP ZAP), or test automation (e.g. Selenium or Katalon Studio).
  • You need to believe in the DevOps core values like cooperation, creativity, honesty, flexibility, commitment, respect, and knowledge.


  • Relocation to Riga by the employer (possible to move with family)|
  • Assistance in finding accommodation.
  • Registration of residence permit in the EU.
  • Official employment.
  • Training by the employer.
  • Guaranteed bonus twice a year.

Контактная информация

Елизарова Полина, 7-917-8315627