Back-End (Node.js) Engineer

Project description:

The project provides innovative enterprise software to fight corruption and fraud. The system consists of different user roles which perform separate business purposes and have access to the special functionalities in accordance with permissions. The system is used to create a request to the approval department for providing services for submitter (requester).
BaaS architecture, more specifically Parse library, is used on the Back-end side. Client part of this library is used on Front-end side. With this library all work is carried out with entities and connecting to DB. Parse is considered as a middleware for the express server.

BackEnd - Parse, Node.js
- Practice and knowledge of Scrum
- Proven experience as a leader of the development team

General duties:
- Support and assists in the team self-organization
- Help the team members to get unstuck
- Provide delivery with a team and code quality balance
- Support technical communication with the customers and developer from the customer side
- Participate in technical sessions and align technical decisions with the whole team (Morebis and the customer side)
- Provides quality customer service and effectively handling customer complaints (if they would be)
- Need to oversee risks and inform about them accordingly
- Provide estimation for the big parts of functionality
- To be able to estimate the stories in story points

Location - company offices: Lviv, Poltava, Vinnytsia, Cherkassy

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