QA Automation Engineer (Ruby)

IDT is searching for a Software Development Engineer in Test. The person in this role will be an integral part of our development team, advocating quality and efficiency in all of our development practices.

The SDET actively develops new test automation code and maintains existing test automation code with a high degree of quality, leveraging strong software design and test automation principles, ingenuity and creativity, attention to detail, and analytical skills to devise unique and innovative ways to test software solutions.


  • create test cases;
  • define the optimal regression test suite in the TestRail;
  • develop automation strategy;
  • support and develop existing Ruby automation framework;
  • create models - description of an application/system behaviour;
  • set up Allure reports;
  • set up Jenkins pipelines
  • execute automation regression suite;
  • report failed automation tests;
  • participate in design and architectural discussion;
  • create and maintain documentation in Confluence.


  • “grey box” testing experience in web and mobile applications;
  • understanding of what is DOM (Document Object Model) for HTML;
  • working knowledge of Ruby language, CLI (command-line interface);
  • ability to work with API tools such as Postman, curl, PAW, Swagger, RAML or similar;
  • working knowledge of MySQL Workbench (MySQL DB), Sequel Pro (MySQL DB), Robo 3T (MongoDB), pgAdmin (PostgressDB) or similar tools to interact with databases;
  • working knowledge of RubyMine IDE (Integrated Development Environment) or any other IDE suited for development in Ruby language;
  • ability to work with proxy tools such as Charles, Fiddler, Wireshark or similar;
  • working knowledge of Git;
  • ability to set up a working environment for web and mobile testing (install Homebrew, install ruby, add necessary environment variables to .bash_profile or .bashrc);
  • ability to create models (example: Data Flow, Control Flow, State Transitions, etc.) describing different aspects of application/system behaviour;
  • understanding TCP/IP protocols;
  • working knowledge with VMs and making bridge from host to slave;
Important Ruby skills:
  • RoR gem v4.2.6+;
  • Ruby OCI v2.2.2+;
  • Cucumber gem v2.3.2+;
  • Capybara gem v2.5.0+;
  • Rake gem till v11.0.0;
  • Selenium-webdriver/chromedriver.

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