Senior Android developer (Kotlin)

We are looking for a developer, specializing on a mobile tech stack to join a team developing an Android version of a cross platform SDK. We are currently undergoing pilot integrations with US & Canadian telcom & media companies.

Tech stack:

Language: Kotlin
Architecture: MVVM with LiveData
Networking: gRPC, WebRTC (for voice calls)
Database: Room
Frameworks: Tinode chat, Firebase (push notifications), RxJava, Dagger
Dev & deployment: Bitrise, Fastlane, semantic-release

On a day to day basis you would be:

improving existing SDK:

* WebRTC based voice chat

* in-app betting

* real-time sport statistics

* designing architectural solutions of an SDK for Android

* creating new framework modules & integrate them with a backend using gRPC

We need you if:

1. You love what you do and strive to improve at any given moment

2. Love to work in a team

3. Developing mobile application for Android, have more than 2 years of Kotlin experience

4. Understand ins and outs of a networking stack, gRPC & Restful APIs

5. R&D: understand that writing code is foremost required to solve a business problem and deliver value to the clients

How we work:

* Agile methodologies (adapted SCRUM)

* Using best practices to develop: writing extensive documentation, performing code reviews, TDD, semantic versioning, static code analysis, CI/CD

* Using bleeding-edge tech

* Flexible working schedule with mandatory daily standups

We expect that you can show how you work (OSS projects, code samples, ideas, etc). We love junior developers, but this project has too high a bar to be able to learn while developing - we are happy to talk to you, and keep your CV in mind for the future

Контактная информация

Корсун Алексей, 7-950-0018844