Senior Software Developer С++/Python

Teknavo development team is looking for an experienced C++ Senior Software Developer with knowledge of Python or desire to study it.

The project focuses on software development in the field of processing financial data which may involve usage of APIs implemented in C++, Python, Java and .NET and multi-threaded programming.

The successful candidate will have the opportunity to work on highly-optimized, scalable, redundant, and distributed software that facilitates normalization and delivery of data.

The project implies occasional short-term business trips abroad.


· Minimum of 5 years of C++ development experience

· In depth knowledge of C++ 11/14

· Experience with at least one additional language or desire to study one: Python, Groovy, Java, C#

· Solid understanding of Data Structures, Algorithms (big O notation), and Object-Oriented Design

· Solid understanding of multi-threading (race conditions, synchronization primitives, atomic operations, threading models)

· Understanding of principles of network programming (sockets, TCP/IP stack and socket options) and distributed architectures

· Working knowledge with optimization techniques, i.e. avoiding memory allocation and data copying

· Experience in cross-platform applications development

· Experience with standard and general purpose libraries (i.e. STL)

· Spoken English

· Financial and/or Market Data experience will be an advantage

Контактная информация

Мелихова Дарья, 7-812-3363612