Senior Golang Developer

В команду Synesis ищем Senior Golang Developer.

Заниматься придется доработкой части инфраструктуры проекта включающей Minio, Kubernetes, Docker, Calico, etcd, etc. Для всего есть собственные форки, которые необходимо сопровождать.


  • Significant experience with Go

  • Strong coding, algorithm design, debugging skills

  • Strong understanding of programming paradigms such as distributed architectures and multi-threaded program design

  • Experience in profiling an application to troubleshoot issues, monitoring system performance (CPU, memory, processes, threads, network etc.)

  • Experience with Linux based OS and related tools

  • A solid understanding of the modern software development lifecycle processes such as Continuous Integration and delivery.

As a plus:

  • Experience with Docker

  • Experience with Minio

  • Experience with automation and configuration management using either Chef, Puppet, Ansible, or an equivalent

  • Experience with maintaining and managing a community around open source software

  • Expertise in analyzing and troubleshooting large-scale distributed systems

  • Familiarity with following technologies: Cassandra, Kafka, Zookeeper, Ignite, Spark, Elasticsearch

  • Experience with container orchestration system (Kubernetes, Apache Mesos, etc.)

  • Expertise with SQL and NoSQL databases

Контактная информация

Литвинчик Евгения, 375-29-3403330