Fullstack (Front - React.js) Developer

Вакансия открыта для нашего норвежского заказчика. Проект – конкурент Трелло. Разработка проекта с нуля! Фронт будет писаться на React.js или Vue.js, бэкенд на том, чем пожелает кандидат, кроме PHP. Разработчик будет основным человеком на проекте, в помощь ему UX Designer в Норвегии. Команда будет пополняться.


An exciting new application for task management.

It has many interesting features. Typical users will be office people who have many tasks to master, but it can also be a full Kanban system in a while. We also plan later to implement our a chat-like system.

After we have developed the app a bit we will start marketing using a 3rd party landing page application, and we might develop some features to collect user feedback and wishes. So developer must be very socially able, and must be available on video chat to take part in discussions of solutions.

Development will go step by step, based on documentation and daily Skype communication.

Product summary:

  1. Single Page real-time web application for desktop and mobile computers and devices.
  2. The system will let the user build his own configuration of panels.
  3. Extensive use of drag and drop.
  4. Photo capture and insertion directly into the current web record.
  5. Multi-language.
  6. Panning techniques for larger pages


Knowledgeable full stack developer (minimum 6 years experience, and a university degree)

Candidate competences:

  1. Create quality code that requires little testing or re-work
  2. Socially competent
  3. The developer must be able to complement and suggest alternative solutions, simplified u/i, smart u/i.
  4. React, PostgreSQL, or the best suggestion for Front end and back end stack for developing real-time web applications.
  5. CSS effects, gestures, transitions, animations.
  6. Workflow systems
  7. Good knowledge of trends and how Facebook and Snapchat etc. solve their system challenges from ux / ui to back-end.
  8. Bootstrap and other 3rd party libraries etc. for standard routines like invite/login, lost password, etc.
  9. Experience in creating systems for invite, administration, roles, groups, software modules.

Контактная информация

Зотова Наталья, 375-29-6555648